Monday, September 05, 2011

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Why you should wait to get a Tablet?

I was one among the early bird user (of course not like Chip/Digit) to try out Android 2.1 which got released with Milestone in India. I was pretty much impressed though I felt a lagging in the kind of response I get during multitouch. I was longing to write a review for my MileStone, but it took quiet some time for Motorola India to stabilize things so till recent months I was facing some issues.

The intention behind this post is about your choice of Tablet:

Being a Gadget freak I love to review all the products getting enlisted in Engadget, techcrunch, etc. I have listed few points on why you should wait for some more time to get a Tablet.

1) Processors are getting powerfull: Nvidia Tegra2 which is already is featured in many Mobiles and Tablets in latest CES 2011 is supposed to revolutionize entire concept of Mobile and Tablet to something like a "Mobilet" or "Tabtop" with its increased speed. Many competitors are in the market with their latest entrants of Processors like "Snapdragon by QualComm". Definitely we should never ignore Intel though they are limited to ATOM as of now for netbooks but I am sure that their incubators should have high end processors for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

2) Android 2.2 and 2.3: Though we have Android 2.2 version of Tablets and Mobile Phone in market, none of them have capacity to have a native video calling like one is supported by Nokia in 3G. Though 2.3 is supposed to have video calling facility most of the reviews seems to support application dependent not native. I can only expect Android version 3.0 HoneyComb to have native video calling support but I really expect Android 2.3 Gingerbread to support video calling.

3) Ipad and Iphone supports video calling but this is limited to Apple Devices and this I don’t think its right for me to give a guess on Ipad 2 specs give you false information. It's better to wait and watch.

4) Another important aspect is about improving functionalities like big screen browsing as supported by "Motorola Xoom" which comes preloaded with HoneyComb. This has an extended functionality of connecting it to an external display which you can use to connect to the device and use keyboard and mouse.

5) Ofcourse, how can I forget about Microsoft? Though they have Windows Phone 7, romours are already out that they are customizing windows 7 based platform Tablets. This will be or real charm, but no clue about its launch.

What is in now?

1) Ipad: Runs on IPhone OS 4.2 comes with a 1Ghz Processor and good Graphics Card.
2) Dell Streak: Though the display is of 5 inch it is almost like a mediocre between mobile Phone and Tablet
3) Galaxy Tab: This is a real IPad competitor but still it runs on 2.2 though they promise an upgrade. Its Snapdragon processor and advanced Graphics is very promising but still way to go.
What is near future Left for you:

1) Dell Streak 7: Though it comes with front camera right now on it is of no use. Dell Streak 7 promises to use new version of android which on its way.
2) Motorola Xoom: This is a promising tablet from Motorola with Android 3.0
3) Ipad 2: Ofcourse Apples product, so will have its charm.
4) Adam: Swadeshi tablet which is as good as any other tablet in the world. But Notion Inc (Based in Hyderabad) has limited its OS to 2.2. Lets hope it will released soon.
5) Acer Iconia: This guy is my favorite brand because of its cost effective products. They are always cheap while the specs are always promising. This is expected to be releasing soon.
6) Lenovo: They have two Tablets one supporting Windows Phone 7 and another Android waiting in the queue to get released. We can expect better products from them as well.
7) Asus, Toshibha and Samsung are the other giants ready with their Tablet launches with advanced configuration.

If you are an avid user of latest technologies and have a passion for latest gadgets and if you are looking for purchasing a tablet in near future, I suggest you to hold your horses just to warn you that by the time technology explodes you wont even be in the rear end. And ofcourse it's true even if you buy one some times later but in this article I was hinting you some important aspect a tablet should have and is missing as of now. Please send me comments if you like this

Friday, July 02, 2010

How to configure Windows Live Mails in Droid

To setup Incoming server Settings:
  • Set User Name
  • Set Password
  • Set pop3 Server as :
  • Set Port : 995
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Delete Mail: Never

Outgoing Server Settings:

  • SMTP Server :
  • Port : 587
  • Security Type: TLS
  • Click Require Sign -in
  • Set User Name and Password

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Do you feel Wave will really make a Wave??

You know all plus points of Google Wave, if you don’t please see Google’s one plus hour video or a ten minutes video. Google themselves have explained some circumstances where people can use Google Wave. Before going more into review part of it, let me ask you few basic questions

1) How many of us really organize an event in Google Calendar. Even if we do we send a mail to people about it??
2) Meeting Notes: Do you use any of google products including Gmail for sending Meeting Minutes??
3) Group reports and writing projects: Again the same question once you left your schooling do you really bother to use Google Apps for any of your projects??
4) Brainstorming: Same as above, we rather call for a meeting to brainstorm??
5) How often do you share photos through GTalk or do you prefer to share it in a picasa web album or similar products like orkut to do that?

Though there are many chances that we can use Google Wave for above said examples but existing applications are handy enough to do it.
For e.g. let’s take organizing a event, if you are in a matured organization who have their own email servers and domain normally prefer Calendar Invites through Outlook or Lotus Notes because they have integrated these application to their email servers. In case you organize personal meetings then probably we will call our friends and ask them to be there at the venue, to a maximum extend we use a Group chat for clarifying doubts, even if the matter get worse they reply to few of your mails which is not really bulky and it is always real time. Google waves real time updates won’t work always because your friends choose to reply to your mails at their free time.
Meeting Notes, Group Reports and Writing Projects: All these things happen in your work place and probably your organization follow standard ways of doing it. If it’s a private meeting and you need to inform you attendees about the minutes, you probably send them a mail.
Similarly Brainstorming is done at meeting rooms and Photos are shared through Picasa, Orkut because those things, people really don’t require a live update.

Not denying the fact that any of the above situation you can use wave, but my question is, do we really need to move to Wave for doing this? Until Google come up something more innovative I don’t think Google Wave is much more than a GTwitterTalkMail (Gmail + Twitter + Gtalk) and of course you can consider Wave as a combination of all these (like the universal remote) provided you are succesfull in convincing all your friends to move to another Social Networking (I call that so ) site .
If anyone wishes to try Wave please send me a mail to and sorry I just have few invites left. Google guys are sending only few (8) of them.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Five reasons why you should use twitter

1) Stay updated: The friends you add to twitter would normally be updated with recent advancement in technologies. They might have read about those in some website and following the links they share will make you updated.
2) Cut the Crap: You normally tend to read or google a lot for particular information, visit the page and finally find the content no appropriate. Instead read the briefing from your friends or companies and select what you want to read upfront.
3) Follow the leaders: I don’t believe in following a movie actor to know about his/her recent controversies. Rather I like to follow people like ministers who wish to interact with common people, world leaders to get an insight on their thoughts.
4) What’s new? : You can follow companies like Google, Dell, Microsoft, etc to get information on their latest products, technologies.
5) News Updates: Instead of going to website of every news paper you read, it’s easy to follow them in twitter and get real time updates and choose to read the news or not.
I recommend you to use applications like TweetDeck or something similar because unlike the web twitter these applications will notify you when you get a new tweet and you can read the tweet in those applications itself instead of opening up a web browser. Sounds interesting??? Join now to twitter and you can follow me .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to create a plug-in component to a framework in C-Sharp?

I was thinking on a design where I can plug-in a component to a existing framework without making any change to framework code.

Scenario: Let’s discuss a scenario that you have created a user interface or a framework in which you need to make calls to the plugged in components. In this scenario you cannot make a call to the component methods directly. In case you need it, the component needs to be added as a reference and that namespace of the component need to be available in the framework. But if you don’t want to change even a small of the code in the framework and it is generic enough to call the methods in the components then it is not so easy at all as we discussed.

I think you are pretty confused with the scenario. Let’s take an example where we have a drawing framework. We have a component to draw circles. The framework should be designed in such a way that it can call any components which has a method draw_circle() without actually adding that component as a reference to the framework. How will design the framework?
I hope you are now almost clear about the concept, let’s go into the design part of it. We have to assume that we don’t have a component at all. I need to add two numbers. I need to design a framework which will add two numbers without actually knowing the components which actually adds those numbers.

Step 1: There should be some way that both client and server should know about the methods which they need to call. So we need to expose an interface say ICalculate. ICalculate should be available for both server and client. Its better that the interface we have is available with a separate component. So client and server can add that component to communicate each other.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace MyInterface
public interface ICalculate
int Add(int x, int y);

Step 2: Now we need to do something for making the component be accessed by the framework. Better way is to have a configuration file. Before doing that lets have an understanding of how the component might be like.
Component should inherit from the interface so that the method which is exposed through the interface will be implemented. Since we have a separate component which have the interface add that interface component as a reference.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using MyInterface;

namespace MyLib
public class MyLibClass: ICalculate
#region MyLibInterface Members

public int Add(int x, int y)
return x + y;

In this example I am not defining any configuration file, but I am hardcoding it in the framework which is absolutely since we need to make changes in the framework code to adapt with the changes in the plug-in component. I am sorry I don’t have time to code all those things to read it from an xml file and all. Just bear with me and take this code as a proof of concept.
Ok, now coming back to our mission.

Step 3: We have a configuration file, read the assembly name and class name from it. This change need to be done by the developer who plugs in his component to the framework.

Step 4: Now we have the assembly name (dll name) and the class name. Now use reflection to get the assembly and create an instance of the class and call the methods in the runtime.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Reflection;

using MyInterface;

namespace MyConsole
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Assembly asm = Assembly.LoadFrom("MyLib.dll");
Type myType = asm.GetType("MyLib.MyLibClass");
ICalculate myObj = Activator.CreateInstance(myType) as ICalculate;
Console.WriteLine(myObj.Add(10, 20).ToString());

That is all, we are done with framework which doesn’t require any framework modification (rather component which links with another component at the runtime). Hope this will help and kindly revert back if you have any doubts.